Front Window

Moldings, clips, and dam rubber are assembled to front window. The camera bracket used in auto breaking systems is increasing in it's application in recent years. Some parts also take antenna terminals and amplifiers.

Quarter Glass

Clips are attached to quarter glass. Clips play a role in positioning and temporary holding in place during assembling to Glass. Some parts also take dam rubber, antenna terminals and amplifiers.

Door Glass

Resin holders are assembled to door glass. Holders connect door glass and regulators. They are the interface parts between vehicle and glass. Glass and holders are bonded by adhesives with high durability performance and controlling quality is of significant importance. Representative parts that give life to automotive glass function.

Rear Window

Rear windows are bonded to vehicle the same as front window and quarter glass, so clips are used. Most of rear glass pieces are equipped with heat wire for defogging. Terminals are soldered on as the power source. Some parts also take moldings and hinges for opening/closing.

Representative parts that give life to automotive glass function


Clips play an important role of positioning front window,
quarter glass, and rear window during assembly to vehicle.

Door Holder

Many of glass assembly parts are produced internally. Door holders are used in connecting door glass and regulator. They are the interface component between the vehicle and glass.

Assembly of functional parts Automotive parts assembly using Glass assembly know-how

Non-Glass assembly parts are also produced utilizing our assembly know-how (parts assembly) to improve production efficiencies at automotive assembly plants or at part suppliers.


Turbo charger is a
supercharger to a passenger
vehicle. It is composed of tens
of components and requires
extremely high level accuracy
of assembly. As a part of
environmentally friendly
technology, the needs are
increasing and providing more
opportunities for our

Switch panel

Switch panel requires
know-how in managing a
large number of different
components. We approach
this using our experiences of
glass assembly.

Air inlet for
motorcycle (visor)

We produce resin parts for motorcycle.