AGC Winsys is the interface company between Glass and Automotive.

We realize the interface between Glass and Automotive though Assembly,
also provide the new value of Glass to Automotive.

AGC AGC brand name
Automotive Window Specialist of Automotive Window
Systems Providing in total as Development,  Design Production, Quality assurance

Assembly means to put together.

We have elevated glass performance to automotive function based upon our sophisticated technology and know how.
We have also expanded the glass application outside of the automotive industry.
We will continue to do our best to become a socially responsible company.

Automotive business

We elevate glass performance to automotive function through assembly technology.

We assemble many components to glass with high accuracy enhancing glass performance and automotive function.

Only a combination of glass and assembly performance can provide high functionality.
Our expertise, original production technology, and reliable quality assurance are the outcome of our associates' passion and team work.