What are the requirements to transition assembly function into automotive function?

Various departments discuss and decide the development themes to meet
our customers' needs and glass requirements, incorporating safety,
performance and environmental concerns.

Development of bonding technology/ parts design. Overall design for window systems to improve glass quality and function.

The product design process begins. Performance requirements are understood through
thorough discussions with our customers.
In this stage, the basic performance will be approved through simulation.
Resin parts are designed considering component quality and the comprehensive window
system which improves glass quality and functions as they are assembled to glass.

Verification Test by Prototype

Prototypes are produced to check limit performance and verify performance results.
This is a critical process for material development.

Process design team targets achievable quality and cost goals. In-house equipment design and development teams work together.

Preparation for smooth mass production start up begins. Quality, cost, and time targets are set.
Since new products (developed parts) are often adopted for new models,
seamless production of new part is verified.

Shipping after quality assurance check

Our glass assemblies will be assembled into a complete vehicle at our customer's factory,
and enjoyed by people all over the world.