Elevating glass performance to automotive function; this is our glass assembly.

Assembly means to 'put together'. We elevate glass performance to automotive function.

Various types of functions are required for Automotive Glass.
Glass is assembled to automobiles with highly accurate sub-assembled components acting as medium.
Only a combination of high glass and assembly performances can provide this functionality.

Technologies of Glass Assemblies

Assembly Glass Assembly at Automotive plant

Speed, simplicity and accuracy are the important factors in Automotive Glass Assembly. High accuracy of the component parts and the assembly to glass are the requirements, which is made possible through our comprehensive system that incorporates design, production and quality assurance processes.
Our technology significantly improves the efficiency of automotive production lines and contributes to automotive quality improvement.

Products Adding Function of Automotive parts Component Parts Function

Glass can only perform required functions as automotive parts with sub-assembled components.
Our assembly makes this possible. We are capable of developing, designing and producing sub-assembly components IN HOUSE.
Our experiences and technology, rooted in a deep understanding of glass and automotive characteristics, significantly contribute to the advancement of automotive functions.

As the system supplier of Glass assembly, we offer technology that generates added value in Glass assembly and automotive parts functionality backed by a comprehensive system that encompasses 'development', 'design', 'production', and 'quality assurance' processes.

Glass as a function of automotive parts.

Glass functions

Passenger safety Clear visibility Reducing wind noise Reducing UV/IR

Required functions as automotive parts.

UP/Down Open/Close Antenna function for Radio/TV Defogging Assembling with no gap to body Seamless assembly to body